GTST is an Easy Way to Guaranteed Good Times

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GTST is an Easy Way to Guaranteed Good Times

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Operas have and will always be a great source of entertainment for the people of all the ages. Enacting real life scenarios on the stage with a twist and an ending that gives a lesson to the masses is no mean feat, but this is what the opera has been for doing for so long and will continue to do if they get the required support and appreciation as they deserve. One of the most appreciated and longest running operas, GTST, abbreviated for of good times, bad times is one of those operas that have continued to win the heart of the audience for 17 continuous years and counting.Many a times it happens that a person have to miss the episode or doesn’t have the time to see the whole episode but is also a die-hard fan of the series or opera or maybe have to recall what happened in the past but doesn’t want to see the whole episode again . The answer to their wish is gtst shortie.


Summary of an episode for good times

 Shortie refers to the summary of an episode, so the above mentioned shortie refers to the summary of the episode of the famous opera, GTST.A collection of the important things that happened in the missed episode in question condensed in a 5-6 minute having sufficient plot that will help the viewer to understand the development of the opera or series is what a shortie is. Many of the sites online provide this service where you can find the shortie versions of the various episodes of the series or the opera. So next time anyone finds themselves in the situation mentioned, they know what they have to look for in order to get their answer and satisfaction of knowing what is happening in their favorite series or opera.

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